Autumn, rain & the distance-UYÊN NGUYÊN



voice of cricket hesitant in the

distant constellations

crescent moon appears to be

hidden in the wild mist

cold soul

a question mark always bend itself

facing every disaster

a few assumptions for the answer that

have never uttered

a silent sound in the form of

an unprecedented idea through life

keep in mind

the story is not one’s own


from dreams back to nightmares

I am opposite myself

trampled on the footprint of the wind

the extreme loneliness of the current moments

physical distance

abstract spacing and

the hidden numbers

create unlimited limits

precipitation and time milestones are

falling on periodic pain




the non waiting moments

have come

step through autumn on the day

the sun withered

they marched through the planet

dragging the gap between life and death

the enchanted gap

between those

with the same



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