Expatriate & the fall-UYÊN NGUYÊN

Patrick Renaud /Pháp





when the sycamore leaves turn red purple

autumn days compress

the breath of the wind

white streaks of cloud

about to glide

on the magical space of nowhere

about to disappear

in the hindsight

silhouette of a boat reappears

in recollection stream

as a wet maple leaf drifted

in dark sea

trying to preserve its identity

crumpled memory filled with


squeezed into verses

when the borders of two dreams remain closed

poetic language

wandering on margin of reality

wandering down along the trail of collective


who are they

expatriates live in flashbacks

the past is homeland

as an idea borrowed from Erik Pevernagie

one would say “ we are what we remember “

but then over time

everything becomes fuzzy

no winners

only losers

only the blood and bones of the dead

and dying : the victims

culprits & tricks

of the guise is another story

‘the fall

the fall of the leaf

the fall of a grand narrative

the fall of Saigon

the fall of

the fall’


Sydney, fall 2021

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