The Song of Metal-UYÊN NGUYÊN

June (II )

I wonder how to read those lips
from June [ between heartbeats ]
modulation of a slender bridge [ of music ]
from this recital moment [ an undersea volcano ]
suddenly [ erupted its way ]
lava with buoyant  smiles [ recycling the ocean floor ]
in the dead wind a voice [ of solitude ]

as a consonant
falling down on the blank pages
without a little reluctant
I was wading through a rushing stream of consciousness
those faces along the vertical lines
like every mountain to climb
or the deep pain of memories
the awaken syllables moaned out
from the lower tunnel of my throat

beyond the time’s reality
my lyric of falling leaves [ from the eye of hurricane ]
an old windmill located on
the direction of violence
63 knots per hour [the time is racing
in ]



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