The Song of Metal-UYÊN NGUYÊN

June ( III )

images of imaginations
a killer smile stamped on my lamentable September [a symbol of death ]
wilted Tulips will be blown away [like dust in the wind ]

still in those eyeballs [the silent moment ]
staring at laudation & condemnations
before the candle light [ creates an image of ]
darkness [a poem ]
overtaking the old time [ and its punctuation ]
It should have come from the first nightmare [ where the wind was born ]
along the river bank
the abandoned butterfly wings on laughters
fleeing backward into sunset
to open a strange door of feelings [ the farthest embrace ]
full of hallucinated
the illusions of [ the depth ]
are replacing the recitations
without a punctuation
the inconsequent glossaries [ rebounding in chaos ]
still unflinching

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