The Song of Metal-UYÊN NGUYÊN

June ( IV )

the departure of an old dreary Saturn
staying with Mars &Neptune [ June was lying down ]
in the fall of myself on canvas [ until her zone of joy ]
creating the colors of a carnal September
as Jupiter in the zone of love [ roses in suspense ]
she has found under the secret’s surface
the likenesses of purifying
for the very first sinful thought
I remembered the wooden bridge [ and misty moon night ]
crossing the chasm [ towards ]
is disappearing into [nothingness ]
the so-called love
was just an insomnia of a blind fire inside a solitary lyrics
not yours
not mine
nor mystical feelings
from the renvoi
of a metal lancinating song
June is unfolded at a corner of
the misled memory
June or anyone else
even time
from an old torn memoir

shall I be there for that moment

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