The songs of metal-UYÊN NGUYÊN

how many times have I seen you
in the overcast afternoon
like this moment
when the clouds bask in the sun
on the roof of the city
storks are standing on one leg thinking
i see you
in the eyes of
the northern hemisphere autumn
a little late sunshine
splendid chrysanthemum
my throat is emitting a magical music
the sound of metal colliding
I feel like a street troubadour
who sings the poems in exile
the poems become the metal songs
in the ears of November
songs that natives have never heard
I sing you
Topaz crystal song
a story told in silent notes
written on stone lines
as secret as the life of an exile
that city
I’m red the color of dawn
of november
the song has just reached the chorus
the sound of a lonely bronze drum
out of rhythm
it stands quietly
smiling with sunflowers and
sculptural motifs are heart-wrenching
you beat me
with the rhythm of an eerie silence
an ever contemplative battle drum
Saigon Place
deeply in the heart of November
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