To you, Today-UYÊN NGUYÊN

(to THTH and her poetry)
Could it be a real thing
the chroma…
I was talking about
the frozen dreams on my sketch
when the sun came
in a intensity of a color
heats and sweats
how to draw the emptiness of a space
it is stretched out to infinity
at least
beyond my thoughts
the wind was torn off in pieces
a bizarre mixture of image and sound are trying
to present their existence
and bring in their escape toward the sea
they appeared in your poem all the likenesses
of the forgotten flames
springing up
from the vibrancy
and remain obscure
without a preface
I just threw myself into the blank paper
it may contain the whole sky
what lies under mysterious white awaits
the streaks of color or contours of fluctuation
like a clumsy performing
I was trying to use
the narrative devices
of the flashback
in attempt to generate
a sense of the vivid moments
the characters appear out
of nowhere
no script for the rest
to reveal the truth
out there
It seems the rosebud I sent
through communication devices
with a notion of fantasy
from such a virtual space
to you today
and inner world of a chroma
I can assure you that
they always are
as if they linger there only to remind me
the image
of love messages
what was concealing in my
virtual sketch
Phố Biển
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