never dies
as a word in your ear
when it came to deciding
that’s no laughing matter
there is no telling what may happen
you said love for instance
it comes at odd moments
i’ll compose a little love poem , perhaps
if the fit takes me
what more
don’t run away with the idea that
time is immortal
even the fairest must go the way of all flesh
time dies
in the dead hours of life as if
it lives a lie
i was at a loose end
when the time fell down
head over heels from an open secret
this style struct just the right note
but i never said
it tickles my palate
you’re right not to trust the words
for they play fast
and loose
not to talk the king’s English but
to hold their horse the verses struct up somehow
that poem put on an air
of innocence
shaking its head at me
when i ask for a metafiction
she has a way with her
she’s also very apt at repartee
i didn’t look at her but
every so often i could feel her mischievous eye rays
as she said “ it’s a crying shame to
catch me on the hop”
did you notice
verses change their meaning on the sly
the agitation began to rise but
the poem was very quick- witted
she soon tumbles what
i hint at
this little poem
is the time of being melted by the
living fire of every moment of death and
this is how she
adorns herself
i was in a quandary when
she finally said
” may i have a word in your ear?

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